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Leibniz identity of indiscernibles dictates that ontological entities with all common properties are not separate and distinct. This principle applies to the Godly man. If the Godly man and the ungodly man have all the same properties they are the same man.

The Church and Eastern Metaphysics

    One seemingly undeniable fact is that yoga has invaded the Christian church. There is a sort of general antipathy faced by those who would dare call into question the pragmatically beneficial practice of yoga by otherwise born-again yoga practicing Christians.  Dr. Albert Mohler wrote an article that enumerated the inconsistency of the practice... Continue Reading →

A Puritan’s Cosmological Argument

A different kind of Cosmological Argument. At age 19 Jonathan Edwards wrote an article entitled “Of being”. This was a short, but incisive article dealing with matters of being. He postulates that perfect nothingness is conceptually impossible. For example if one is to attempt to think about perfect nothing, they normally imagine black “space” devoid... Continue Reading →

Gleanings from G.H. Clark: Existentialism is a moral failure

Christian Metaphysician

It should come aimagess no surprise that one of my favorite philosophers is Gordon H. Clark. Even twenty plus years posthumously his critique of secular philosophy remains as a source of insight and rejoinder to the prevailing philosophical underpinnings of our present day culture.

In a very short section from his book Introduction to Christian Philosophy he catalogs a few of the errors in the ethical program of Existentialism.  Right off the bat, Clark reveals that Existentialism can find no place for either Hegel or Aristotle. The abstract idealism of Hegel is less spurious for existentialists than the so-called “spectator” philosophy of Aristotle.[1]  The Aristotelian categories of substance, quantity, unity, and cause must give way to categories of action that read more like the latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. These categories include such bright and happy notions such as dread, crisis, anxiety…

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Recognition and the Christian Apologetic

Christian Metaphysician


Struggles for Recognition

Many Christians have likely never heard the name Jürgen Habermas; certainly his writings are mostly relegated to those with a philosophical predilection. However, recent events both socially and politically may necessitate a closer inspection or at least a passing acquaintance with his philosophy. While a biography might prove helpful, suffice is to say that Habermas is associated with Frankfurt school of Philosophy. [1]

Again, the meaningfulness of this is likely lost but this school has been both exalted and vilified dependent upon the political and philosophical leanings of the person queried. Some on the “far right” whatever that means have vilified the Frankfurt school as the instigator of both Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism. On the “far left” the Frankfurt school is viewed as a corrected form of Marxism whereby Soviet socialism and Western capitalism have been critiqued for any number of reasons. My project is…

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Chess and Apologetics

As a new chess player, I made many mistakes. I was worried to the point of obsession about the opening. I attempted to memorize the various openings in order to ensure that I started the game with a distinct advantage. Through many hours of toil and strain, and a great many losses it finally sunk in. The... Continue Reading →

They will know we are Christians

By our love. This is no ordinary love, this is love that is our strongest apologetic. As Francis Schaeffer once wrote, the watching world waits to see if Christians truly love one another. If they do, we have before us the absolute apologetic. The world will know that God sent Christ into the world. Our... Continue Reading →

Is Apologetics a form of atheism?

Theodicy is atheism-Gabriel Marcel  There is something to be said for a controversial title, on pragmatic grounds it certainly has a tendency to increase the traffic to one's blog. On the other hand, a controversial title that lacks any substantive content is nothing but a mere dog-and-pony show. I am hopeful that this post will... Continue Reading →

Do Nothing for Good

We are a society that places a high value on action. We want action in our movies, from our places of employment, and even from ourselves. To do nothing is counter-intuitive in the collective consciousness of most of Western civilization. This is not necessarily going to be a treatise on a philosophy of action. Implicit... Continue Reading →

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